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In this section you will find links to all my books and information pertaining to each title.

Dr. Fent has been recognized by Pen It Publications because his book
“Breaking Chains of Darkness” is their best overall seller. Also, out
of all the books in that category sold by Ingram from anybody who
distributes through Ingram, his book is currently #1 in the category
BIBLES / Christian Standard Bible / Study. The number is figured by
sales in the category, or the top seller in that category.


Description: This book is designed to pierce the veil between the visible and the unseen, to grasp the gravity of the times in which we find ourselves. The clock is ticking, and the hands are moving ever closer to midnight. The modern-day church stands at a crossroads, facing the dual challenge of relevance and spiritual awakening.  This book is a plea to recognize the signs, to shed the  distractions of complacency, and to embrace a fervent pursuit of the divine in our age.  It is a call to return to the core of our faith, to love unconditionally, to serve sacrificially, and to proclaim boldly the message of redemption in a world

ensnared by darkness.


Among those who have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues (languages) there are some who express confusion about the rationale of using this gift on a regular (daily) basis. This booklet presents a comprehensive look at the purpose and benefits of using this promise of God to help eliminate any confusion and to provide greater understanding of its use.

For those who have not yet received this promise of God, the beginning of this book presents a brief scriptural explanation of its validity.


The Controversial Truth:  It is time for the church to develop a passion for the power of God


This book encompasses several biblical truths that are seldom taught in the modern day church. It is a result of returning from a foreign country where we shared the gospel and ministered to those who were hungry for the Word of God, to observing a passive church with little power or passion. This book is meant to encourage the church to return to being the spiritual giants God has called us all to be.

“Is America doomed as a nation?  Has God given up on America?  We no longer have leaders who fear God.”   Dr. James Fent


DELIVERANCE is a powerful weapon God has given His church to defeat Satan and set His people free!  However,  no one can live in sin and also walk in the power of God!


When we accept Christ as our Savior, we become sons of God, washed clean by His blood, and when we die we go to heaven. This however, does not mean we are totally free and our problems will come to an end.  We are still bound by our past; struggling with hurts, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, depression, illness, addictions, or just plain feeling defeated in life.

We remain in bondage because although our spirit is born again, our soul (will, emotions and mind) and physical body need to be renewed and transformed.  These are the areas that need deliverance.

This manual is a comprehensive bible based study about the ministry of deliverance initiated  by Jesus Christ.  It includes a wide variety of related topics including: can a Christian have a demon, how demons enter, the origin of Satan and demons generational curses, soul ties, spiritual warfare, the believer’s authority, ministry to children, the deliverance process and much more.


The Path: A Biblically Based Process of How to Know God

There is a new expectancy in the church today that is producing a renewed desire to experience a divine visitation and the conversion of lost souls. Pastors are calling their congregations to prayer and fasting, church planting has taken a front row seat, weekend encounters are being attended in record numbers. Former “pew potatoes” are becoming active leaders, training courses are being offered and prayer meetings are drawing larger than normal crowds. Excitement is beginning to build

in God’s house.

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